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BBC Panorama programme on GM ‘biased’

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A recent BBC Panorama programme, entitled GM Food – Cultivating Fearwas broadcast on BBC1 on 8th June 2015 and it asked the question: is anti-GM feeling just fear-mongering?imgres

Many people complained via Twitter on #BBCPanorama that the programme, which highlighted the apparent success of genetically modified BT brinjal (a type of aubergine) was biased and did not tackle important issues integral to the subject of GM, such as glyphosate, next-generation pesticides and herbicides, herbicide resistance, the WHO declaring glyphosate a ‘probable carcinogen’, lack of containment, crop contamination, labelling, and the issues of transgenes, amongst many others.

If you wish to register a complaint please call the BBC on 0370 0100 222 and choose the ‘complaints’ option.

You be interested in reading the Beyond GM report Does the BBC help cultivate a pro-GMO agenda in the UK?

UPDATE: Since the BBC broadcast evidence has come to light to suggest that the BBC ignored important evidence of the failure of the Bt brinjal crop in Bangladesh in order to present a biased view of the crop’s success.


Mums at the March against Monsanto Saturday 23rd in London

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Freya and Eva, 2 of the founding members of Mums Say No to GMOs joined a fabulous group of people who had come from all over the country to voice their concerns over the rising threat of the UK allowing GMOs to be farmed in the UK very soon.  We spoke about our first call to action which will be a letter to supermarkets urging them to voluntarily label meat, dairy and eggs where the animals have been fed on a full or partial genetically modified diet so that we as consumers can choose to buy these foods or not.

Mums Say No meeting and action plan

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Mums group meetingMums Say No campaigners met today to discuss a plan of action for the coming months. The first step is to write to supermarkets asking them to label produce from animals fed with GM feed. We aim to get 50,000 signatures to make supermarkets and MPs sit up and take notice. (L to R: Francesca Price, journalist, author and campaigner; Eva Fernandes, founder of ethical retail store; Sally Beare, nutritionist and author; Freya Meredith, director of Bristol Food Assembly; Pat Thomas, former editor of The Ecologist, author, and founder member of Beyond GM).