Facts about GMOs

Here are some key facts about GMOs – genetically modified organisms – which are particularly relevant to us:

  • animal produce (meat, eggs, dairy, fish) which is not organic is likely to be given feed which contains GMOs and is not labelled as such
  • GM DNA from animal feed has been detected in the organs of animals and fish given the feed (Mazza et al, 2005; Sharma et al 2006; Chainark et al 2008; Ran et al 2009)
  • Bt toxin proteins either from Bt corn or from sprays has been found in the blood of pregnant women and the blood supply to foetuses, showing that the proteins are not broken down in the digestive tract as claimed (Aris et al 2011; Aris et al 2012)
  • GM DNA has been found in the blood, organs and milk of goats as well as increased levels of an enzyme indicating damage to cells (Tudisco et al 2010)
  • in 2012, the UK Food Standards Agency was forced to concede that ‘It is…possible that DNA fragments derived from GM plant materials may occasionally be detected in animal tissues’
  • anecdotal reports and studies show that animals fed GM suffer from illness such as organ atrophy and tumours
  • DNA from GM soy has been found to transfer to the bacteria in our guts  in University of Newcastle studies
  • The American Academy of Environmental Medicine urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients
  • GMOs cross-pollinate with ordinary crops, contaminating organic crops
  • Pesticides used on GM crops are associated with decimation of bee and butterfly populations
  • Weeds sprayed with GM herbicides become herbicide-resistant so that ever-increasing amounts of toxic sprays are needed which get into our food chain, our soil, and our water supply; glyphosate (aka RoundUp) is linked with birth defects, sterility, hormone disruption and cancer
  • the effects of eating GM foods are unknown, unpredictable, and not proven safe
  • once GMOs are in our food chain and our environment they cannot be contained
  • independent scientific research on GMs not conducted by vested-interest parties is attacked and suppressed
  • GM crops reduce biodiversity
  • GM crops do not increase yields despite claims to the contrary and have never, and do not, ‘feed the world’ despite being in existence for several decades

You can also find much useful information in the Letter from America, a warning letter signed on behalf of 60 million Americans about the damage done by GM to health and the environment which was delivered to Downing Street in November 2014.  You can read the letter here: http://www.theletterfromamerica.org/




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