We are a growing group of mums who are concerned about the potentially hazardous effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the health of our families and our environment. We believe that there is sufficient evidence of the damaging effects of GMOs to cause concern and we question why the precautionary principle is not being practised by GM companies and by our government.

We believe we mums in the UK can harness enormous consumer power to influence the food sold to us. We aim to use this power to persuade supermarkets to label existing GM-fed animal products and not to stock foods containing GMOs. GM crops are due to be grown here in the UK within the next 12-18 months and GM foods are also due to be sold here unlabelled. We want to stop this from happening and believe that our government should hear our concerns and also heed the warnings already being given about GMOs, such as the warning from 60 million Americans about the dangers of GM crops and foods in the recent Letter from America (see http://www.theletterfromamerica.org).

We believe that there are potentially millions of mums out there in the UK who also do not want GMOs in their children’s bodies or in our environment.  Please join us and become part of Mums Say No To GMOs – we need you!


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