The Letter from America

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The Letter from America is a letter signed on behalf of 60 million Americans warning the UK not to grow GM crops or eat GM food because of the damage these can do to health and the environment.

England, UK . 11.11.2014. London . Downing Street. Open letter handed in from 57 million Americans warning Brits of the dangers of GM food and farming.

This was delivered to Downing Street by organisers Beyond GM and their US partners from GMO Free USA and Label GMOs in November 2014. Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, celebrity chef Walentine Warner and the late Michael Meacher MP came along to support the initiative.

Since its launch the Letter has been translated into 8 languages and been read all around the world. We strongly encourage everyone to read the Letter and use the links on site to send a copy to your MP demanding that the UK remain GMO free.


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